7 Ways to Beat the High Cost of Home Building

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7 Ways to Beat the High Cost of Home Building

Many people assume that they can’t afford their dream home: Cozy, spacious, comfortable, and complete with features that you can’t compare with anything else; like slate countertops, an island range with stainless steel hoods, and rustic beams installed on the ceiling.

And also some super cool light fixtures along with tiled showers with 2 shower heads. That’s the dream.

You know you cannot afford that home because there’s no new home builders in Port Coquitlam building one for less than a biodoesel powered truckload filled with Krugerrands.

Many know that the best way to lower construction costs of homes for sale in Port Coquitlam is by stripping the niceties away. Reasonably price houses on sale are disposable vinyl, Styrofoam junk, or old piles of drywall and bricks.

You’re half right. Typical builders’ spec house price goes to the stratosphere because of adding so many goodies. But thankfully, you’re half right as well! The reason many homes are ridiculously expensive is because they’re quite poorly planned.

Plan better, and you could get what you need and keep your extra funds in your bank for that gorgeous Port Coquitlam real estate for sale property.

7 Ways to Beat High Costs of Home Building:

1) Smaller Is Better (Really?)

Obviously, getting a house property that’s smaller will be less costly. However, randomly hacking out everything you want also isn’t the approach you should have. Think carefully about the redundancy and what you need and what you can sacrifice. Extravagant things aren’t necessary but kitchen dining table furniture is.

The majority of these things can be combined to one space that’s nice and large enough for your family. Think about furniture and how the arranging should go and think about what the rooms will be used for.

Smartly eliminate what’s not needed, and save money by not over thinking the process.

2) Efficient Uses Of Building Materials

Back when really smart people figured out that if all building materials were designed on one common module, they would not have to waste or use them so much. Sheets of plywood and drywall both are 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall. So that will work only on 8-foot x 16-foot walls.

Plenty of wasted material if used on the wrong walls!

Structural lumber for your floors come from the mills in 2-foot increments. Think of whose idea it was to make the rooms bigger than needed. Design your home on the property’s established modules and stop overcompensating.

3) Use It Only Where It Counts

I once went to Steve Wynn’s Las Vegas Treasure Island Resort and was so impressed with the decor and atmosphere. Steve Wynn however is worth $2 billion, therefore he has the ability to splurge like that. Be practical and smart, because your kids can live without granite bathroom floors and solid brass faucets.

Pick where you want the nice stuff to go and save your money by not placing them everywhere in your house.

P.S. Steve Wynn now has his $2 billion plus the hundred dollars he got from me.

4) Designing for Low Maintenance

This may seem like a paradox: Go spend more here and save later. Cheap roofing, windows, and siding will cost more in the future than the quality components will right now. There are industries that hope you buy replacement windows and materials everyday, as that’s how they make their millions.

Quality is the key tortoise, so do it right always the first time.

5) Significantly Lower Energy Bills

This rule goes beyond insulation, geothermal systems, and Argon-filled glass, and is the subject of another article later one. Don’t make any mistake by designing a home that’s not site- or climate-specific and force it to be energy efficient so you can address less than 50% of the issue.

The main problem you have to solve is the DESIGN that responds to site and climate. For instance, don’t place walls of glass if you always experience winter winds

Like 7th-grade geometry, a square encloses more with less perimeter. You probably never thought you needed that knowledge in the future, so go on and thank your math teacher in middle school as they saved you a lot of future home planning pain and suffering. Try your best to enclose your brand new highly efficient floor plan inside of a relatively square footprint so that you can reduce heat loss with much less building materials used.

When you do this all right and properly, you can then get a nice big bonus every month because of your energy efficient home that will not require any expensive geothermal heating systems that happen to be 3 times the cost of a regular convenient furnace.

Bonus #2 those square boxes happen to be much better looking, so continue reading.

6) Boxy Is Beautiful

We currently have millions of truly great looking homes available in this country, and though most of them were built 70 years ago or so, they still are breathtaking. The builders and designers of the very first American suburbs were actually experts when it came to making unique yet simple houses that were attractive and elegant.

Good-looking houses are often based off of the simple box forms which are composed, detailed, and properly proportioned.

Today, there are way too many designers out there that compensate from their lack of knowledge and skill by just loading up the exteriors with as much designs as they can get even though it won’t mesh well together. A lot of money is spent, and no one can benefit except the home builder and the window replacement guy.

Keep your home forms very simple and you will save a lot of cash on your building materials. Look at early 20th century suburban homes to get inspiration, as they can help you capture that elegant yet simple look. You will have a much nicer looking home that you will not regret whatsoever if you do so.

7) Good Designing Sells

Since we’re already talking about energy efficient, low maintenance, less expensive, smaller and good looking homes, guess what? They happen to sell faster and for quite a lot of money as well. Your property will increase in value allowing you to sell it for more than you got it for!

My favorite story would have to be from my client who 8 years later was able to sell his house in just 2 weeks without the use of an agent, and the best part is that he sold it for two times of what it initially cost him. He just stuck the sign out up front, and the buyer said it was breathtaking and very functional, while also being intrigued by the floor plan and exterior design. He sold the property without any problems. So how happy do you think he is now about investing in better design?

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 7 Ways to Beat the High Cost of Home Building

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