New Home Construction – 5 Things you Should Know!

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New Home Construction – 5 Things you Should Know!

The real estate market is improving, and it is an ideal time to consider new homes in Port Coquitlam. The problem though is that there are quite a few people looking for such homes right now. The number of homes on the market is small in that area, and that means they can go very fast. The good news though is that there is plenty of land where construction is being started and new homes will soon be erected.

MLS may not List Them

When you are looking for new homes for sale in Port Coquitlam, keep in mind that they may not show up on the MLS. If that is the only place you are looking for home for sale, you are limiting your options. The reason they aren’t listed is that these homes being built typically aren’t sold through a real estate broker agency.

Instead, they are sold through representatives that are on site. This helps them to control who they are sold to. It also helps them to keep overhead costs as low as possible. After all, their goal is to make a profit. Another reason that the listing may not be on MLS is that the builder simply isn’t a member.

Take some time to look into new home builders in Port Coquitlam. Talk to a representative to find out what they are building. Go to sites where they have open houses and look around at the models. This is a great way to determine if you would like to buy what they are building before it is even completed. Spend some time looking around online and in local newspapers to see what has been listed. Zillow is one of the common online sites to check.

If you wait too long, what they are building can all be completely sold before you even know about it! This is a common scenario involving townhomes for sale Coquitlam. You certainly don’t want to miss out so keep your eyes open! Pay attention to those billboards around town too. They offer great information about new developments Port Coquitlam that are on the horizon.

Sells Often Occur During Building

If you thought that Port Coquitlam real estate for sale was only offered after it was built, you are mistaken. In fact, more and more of it is occurring during the building of the residential areas. The builder is able to finance the construction, often with the sales process outlined too. They want to sell what they can before they build to eliminate the risk that they have funds tied up in property that doesn’t sell.

This process can also help them to generate some funds to use during construction. For example, if you pre-purchase condos for sale in Port Coquitlam, you may be asked to make a deposit on it. The dollar amount can vary based on the lender involved. It can be a set dollar amount for each condo or it may be a percentage of the purchase price.

Selling condos Port Coquitlam in phases is a common practice. It also allows the buyers to have a date for when construction will be done and they can move in. Buy in the first phase if you can, because the cost is only going to go up if the builders know that they have a demand for them.

Buyer Discounts

If you buy your new home early, you may qualify for some discounts. This is because the builders need to be able to get some homes under contract. Then they can proudly advertise that they already have 10 or more sold before they are even built. This further fuels the fire for other potential buyers to get busy with a purchase too. It also enables the builders to secure the backing of their lenders due to the reduced risk of the property not selling.

As a buyer, this early stage is a prime time for you to negotiate. You can save thousands if you offer a price that is less than they are asking. It doesn’t hurt to try and see what they will accept. The worst case scenario is that they come back with a counter offer and you have to increase that price.

No Emotional Connection

There are plenty of memories that develop when people live in a place for any length of time. This is why they often ask too much for it – they have an emotional value attached to it. Builders aren’t going to have that. They are involved in building so that they can generate a profit. They are involved in a business transaction, such as townhouses for sale in Coquitlam, so that they can also meet the demands of consumers.

It is all about completing the building, selling, making money, and being able to invest in the next project. From a builder’s point of view, quickly completing the transaction with a townhouse for sale in Port Coquitlam is the ultimate goal.


Along the same lines as discounts, there may be offers of upgrades. These are typically offered towards the end of the sales. When the crowd of buyers has diminished, the builders are looking at what they have left to sale. Now they have to come up with a promotional means that will get those remaining entities sold. Some of these upgrades can include furniture, upgrades of appliances, or even a rebate to assist with closing costs.

If you are interested in buying a home or other property in Port Coquitlam, take some time to see what your options are. Perhaps you are worried about buying a home due to the upkeep costs. Keep in mind when it is a few property that has been built, there shouldn’t be any types of maintenance for the first several years. This gives you time to put money away for future expenses.

There are plenty of options for buying a home in Port Coquitlam. Explore them to find the prefect fit for your own needs. Getting involved in that purchase process early means you can get exactly what you want, for the right price!

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 New Home Construction – 5 Things you Should Know!

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