Understanding the Construction Costs

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Understanding the Construction Costs

When building a new home, you most likely would be interested in learning how much you will spend in the project before making your final moves. Assuming that you already have the blueprints and piece of land ready, most construction companies charge you per square foot hence understanding this criteria is core in helping you gauge how much your new home would cost you.

To estimate the cost of your new house, you could make a per square foot comparison with other identical houses in different places of the country. Even though it will give you an idea of how much you will spend on the project, the fact that it is a subjective comparison makes it less accurate in real life.

An expert with a few hints here and there could give you an estimation of the cost of a house. For instance, talking of a 2500sq feet house with custom fittings could total to $250,000. This could however be an underestimation if the house will feature exotic wooden floors and perhaps a drawing or two over the ample fireplace. Nonetheless, the fact that finding out what both the land and a house of similar specs to what you have in mind costs in the region should give insight into the magnitude of your project.

Other than the mere size of the house, some other important factors would help gauge the expenses you would incur in setting up the house. These include:

The Design of the House

Though the house size-cost relation is straightforward (the bigger the more costly), gauging the price of the house out of the design is trickier. There are places in the house that will cost less per square foot. For instance, a kitchen that will need cabinets, countertops and plumbing fixtures would cost more than that in a sitting room that would just need a few tiles and perhaps a king size bed.

This means that a house design that minimizes on the low cost per foot parts of the house without touching the dear parts might not really have a significant impact on the price of the house. Coming up with a design that optimizes on the expensive parts of the house and makes them as small as possible without making the place cramped whilst compensating on the loss with other places will help you get the best out of your home budget.

Architectural Complexity

The simpler the design the less you will spend in implementing it. Since gauging the effect of a design is more of a professional task than it is of an opinion, it is always an issue of discourse amongst many prospecting property owners. A good way to explain this is in the fact that a one floor French country home will cost less than a two-story colonial home even though both will have the same square feet count.

The difference is from the fact that you need a stronger foundation and more supporting beams to put up a story building, things that would be unnecessary on a flat house. The architectural issues that the constructor has to overcome in order to actualize your new house dream should therefore determine the amount you finally spent on your new house to be. Complex shapes will therefore cost you more to put up than simple implementations.

Whilst the colonial home will cost more concrete and structural iron in comparison to the French house, the fact that you might need to invest more on timber and roofing material for the latter could offset the price different balance especially if one of the two specific commodity groups needed for each of the houses significantly differ in price.


For a good comparison, we again have to go back to the allude of a Colonial house only that we will take two of these with different square foot counts. One will have a $500 tub in the master bedroom and another will pack a staggering $5000 whirlpool tub. Without even going into more bathroom furnishings like wall to wall mirrors and exotic toilet seats, we have already created a notable $4500 difference in prices regardless of the overall bathroom size.

Adding a few touches of hardwood, brassware and some marble and you will have the price per square foot of the bathroom shoot from a mere $2 per Square foot to a whopping $140 which under most circumstance might be way beyond your budget.

Since the finishing of the houses and your fixtures determining over 30 percent of the total house cost, carefully putting these things into consideration will help you make the best inferences about the price of your new home. If you want something exotic, you might have to make tradeoffs. For example, put the expensive stuff into the master bedroom and look for acceptable but cheap stuff to occupy the rest of the house.

Beware of the Budget Creep

This is a common thing to most projects. As you add new features into the plan, the overall price keeps on escalating until one day it will be way above what you had in mind. They happen gradually since they are a result of each individual decision you make hence being careful from the word go could stop your project from stalling.

How to avoid it

For beginners, never start a project unless you fully understand what will go into it through to the end. Do not assume that architect knows what you want. Paying attention to every flimsy detail or hiring a professional interior design would give you a better insight into the project.

In addition to this, insisting on detailed and realistic blueprints will put everything into perspective avoiding the need for extra and unexpected costs from construction crop ups. Every steel rod specification should be included in the blue print, and so should the diameters of the pillars. This will make the project more predictable than it would be when you work on bare estimates.

Coupling this with an open and flexible mind will teach you to have a tenacity budget limit to accommodate for any changes. In addition to this, letting your professional interior décor or architect know about your project budget constraints will always keep you within scope.

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 Understanding the Construction Costs

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